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At Antheplife we take pride in our products and hold a heartfelt bond with the artisans we work with, their expertise and rooted knowledge in the field, one that uses traditional techniques to treat and turn fine leather, cotton, or wool into a piece of art. 

Each artifact is handcrafted with natural, sustainable products, just a few items at a time.

As the founder, mother of three young children from Austin, TX, I want to leave the next generations a clean and happy environment and a life full of unforgettable moments. Therefore as a company, we donate a portion of our earnings to local charities focusing on the same ideals. 

Our name is inspired by Gaziantep, a magnificent city with a rich history in southeast Anatolia where our shoes and mules are made. We started with the idea of introducing the centuries-old footwear that is still made in small workshops by hand to the western world. We will continue to add more handmade comfortable and stylish high-quality products by local artisans from the region and around Europe such as our beautiful hats from Italy.


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