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Simple yet elegant style for every day and every occasion. Our comfortable and stylish handmade, unisex shoes are made with the highest quality all-natural materials. Vegetable-dyed leather quickly molds to your feet, loosen up within hours, and age beautifully.

We are obsessed with artisanship and customer satisfaction. All of our products are handmade with love and precision without exception. Most of the items are personalized based on our customers’ sizes and/or requirements. We are excited to deliver individualized experiences.

Our shoe anatomy

anthep shoe detail

Tanning leather with vegetable is an ancient process and considered the most sustainable way. It has a distinct and authentic character with its variances in colors and a natural, woody, earthy smell. Only %10 of the world's leather is vegetable tanned.


AnthepLife is proud to partner with EarthShare of Texas, giving 10% of our profits to more than 35 environmental and conservation nonprofits across Texas. From air quality to wildlife rehabilitation, clean rivers, green building technology, and more, your AnthepLife purchase will support a sustainable future. Learn more about EarthShare of Texas

Scenes from our Atelier

We take pride in our products and hold a heartfelt bond with the artisans we work with, their expertise and rooted knowledge in the field, one that uses traditional techniques to treat and turn fine leather into a piece of art. Each artifact is handcrafted with natural, sustainable products, just a few items at a time.

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